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First, Thank you for reading the SimpleSmart’s template and basic guide.

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The template contains the main purpose of delivering ideas of user with creative, modern designs and solutions to others. In other words, a template is a  “product ” which buyer directly use it as well as give an opportunity to express his or her ideas fluently without template author.

The template has the following requirements:

  • Modern design solutions
  • Elements and tools with rational solutions
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Save your time and money

The following lesson is used for SimpleSmart’s all template.

One. Install font and use it.

The font is crucial for the template’s basic appearance and design.  All template has own fonts and it uses more than one fonts. Sometimes there are more than three fonts.

A recent template is usually used the free font sets. For example Google Fonts, Dafonts, 1001 fonts, Font Squirrel, etc.

As you open the template, program (Apple Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint)  reminds us how many fonts are required for the template. Template folder also contains font download guidance and link files (PDF, Doc, Text file and more). So you should install required templates before you open template. It gives you the opportunity to use the template completely.

The font also means  “icon font” except script font. Icon font substitutes the script fonts and it has similar principle with script fonts.

“Icon font”  detail will be taught in icon lessons later.

The below is a comparison of a known or unknown font as you open template:

If you see an error during font installing and the font does not work well, it does not mean that it directly relates to a template.

Two. Slide Master

The slide master is one of the template parts that not only modify the main design, open the additional slides but also numbered pages, change or add the required logo, title, website address, and phone number.

First of all, follow the below steps as you open the slide master:

If you are using the Apple Keynote  View > Edit Master Slide or  If you are using the Microsoft Powerpoint  View > Slide Master.

In Slide master section,  below pictures illustrates the logo, title, page number and website address. If you change that information in slide master page,  it is going to repeat or duplicate for all pages. In other words, as you change anything in the slide master page, it is going to show every page of your ppt.  For instance: If you change the below text “Shift” as you wish, it is going to appear according to your changed text on every page.

You can see detail from Slide Master Full Guide.

Three. Insert photo into template and use photos

Photo is one of the most important template parts.  Pihotocan describes many things, as well as people, prefer to view than reading. Template photo choice is a very crucial concept.

As you buy templates, template photos are mostly for commercial purpose so it will not be part of the purchase.  Those photos are free to use in a template or downloaded from free picture stock websites such as Free stock photos. You can download free photos from websites too.

Insert photo into template

Slide master gives you a chance to insert a photo. So you could insert all kinds of photos in a certain place.  As you insert a photo, you can use Drag and Drop or Click to replace Image function.

Apply Keynote template has a chance to insert photo using Drag and Drop. You can drag your inserting picture in the place holder.

In Microsoft Powerpoint, you could insert a photo by Picture From file (Click to upload an image).

For Apple Keynote, photo inserting solution does not depend on Master Slide, but inserting a photo on Microsoft Powerpoint should use Slide Master page.

Four. Use icon

Icon Font is essentially the same as a script font. Font Icon should also be installed as the script font. Font Icon is solved as a single icon for each letter of the font. Templates are usually used with Icon Fonts because it is much easier to use. Also, the template comes with the necessary Font Icon file (+1000, +5000 icon’s).

Font icon is used with copy to paste command.

A necessary icon is copied from the  Font icon file.

You can paste or substitute your copied Icon to a necessary part of ppt. Font icon has the same principle with script font so you can configure or edit from text customization part of ppt. For example: change font size or color has the same principle with text edit.

Shape Icon

Shape Icon does not require any font installation and it is similar to the Basic Shape of Keypoint and Powerpoint. Shape Icon can be customized, edited, and integrated with other icons. Also, Shape Icon does not lose any density in all sizes.

Five. Use Data Chart

It is common to display numerical data in the CHART and INFOGRAPHIC. This is the best and appropriate solution. The DATA CHART has the advantage that it can change the numerical value, as well as a direct result will be illustrated immediately. In other words, the CHART is changed when changing the numerical value based on the table (excel table).

Obviously, it is possible to change the color, design, and type of CHART. The template includes all the necessary type of  Chart that you need. You can customize all DATA CHART(pie charts, column charts, bar charts, doughnut charts, area charts and more) by the same principle as you edit or change the numeric values.

To edit a DATA CHART in the Apple / Keynote,  you can use the EDIT CHART DATA at the bottom of the CHART. ( Activate Chart which you want to edit).

But in the case of  Microsoft Powerpoint click CHART DESIGN> Edit data in excel to enter a value. (Activate  Chart which you want to edit)

The chart can be made by Shape or Chart also made by shape as well as they both easy to use.

Six. Use Data Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC is the most important element of the template and It has a wide variety of forms. Infographics are drawn by Apple Keynote / Microsoft Powerpoint’s Shape function and it describes clear and brief meaning.

INFOGRAPHIC is built or drawn with SHAPE and easy to edit.

The authors include numerous INFOGRAPHIC ELEMENTS in the template  which are drawn by using powerpoint Shape.

The above illustrated  Infographic is made with possible to have 5 sections and it can not be broken into 6 sections. If you need 6 sections,  you can use Infographic Element that drawn with 6 sections from scratch. DATA CHART cannot change data and numeric values ​​manually, but you can only use  Author prepared INFOGRAPHIC model. However INFOGRAPHIC is limited, but it has unique features that variety of choices, more rational and more creative.

Seven. Use MockUp Device

In the Template,  Authors uses MOCK UP DEVICE to display web designs and app designs, and they are provided with Photoshop’s PSD format like attachment or give directly use for a template. All recent templates all come with MOCK UPs and it is easy enough to insert photos.


The above presentation template basic guide applies to most templates. It is a tutorial that directly relates to the SimpleSmart templates too. It is best to take a short video lesson with this short guide.


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